Slat Acoustic Panels

Item Name:Wood Slat Acoustic Panel
Material:PET felt+MDF+Wood Veneer
Size:2400mm*600*22mm or customized
Color:white oak, walnut, smoke oak and more
Packaging:shrink foil+carton+pallet or customized
Acoustic:NRC 0.60 ~ 0.90
Characteristic:Natural and beautiful, sound absorption lowering noise, easy to install. Beautiful wood slat acoustic panel with added benefit of superior sound absorption.

Has many uses:

Slat Acoustic Panels

Slat Acoustic Panels

Slat Acoustic Panels

Slat Acoustic Panels

Product Advantages

Slat Acoustic Panels

Wood slat wall panels, also known as wood slat walls or slatted wood panels, have gained popularity in interior design and architecture due to their aesthetic appeal and practical benefits. Here are some advantages of using wood slat wall panels:


Texture and Depth: The three-dimensional quality of wood slat panels adds depth and texture to a space. This can help break up large, flat wall surfaces and add visual intrigue to an otherwise ordinary area.


Acoustic Benefits: Depending on the design and installation, wood slat wall panels can contribute to improved acoustic performance in a room. The gaps between slats can help diffuse sound waves and reduce echo, making them suitable for spaces where noise control is important, such as offices, restaurants, and conference rooms.


Easy Maintenance: Wood slat wall panels are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Regular dusting and occasional wiping down can keep them looking their best.


Integration with Lighting and Fixtures: Wood slat panels can incorporate lighting fixtures, such as LED strips, to enhance both the aesthetic and functionality of the space. Integrated lighting can accentuate the texture of the panels and provide ambient illumination.

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OEM Service

-Size customization:

-Size customization:

In addition to our regular 2400mm*600mm size, we can also customize other sizes.

 -Color customization:

 -Color customization:

We have more than 45 colors for acoustic panel base to choose from, and also have more than 20 wood veneer colors.


Q: What are AKUPANELS made of?

A: AKUPANELS are made of high-quality MDF, Natural wood veneer and durable polyester felt acoustic panels.

Q: What sizes do AKUPANELS come in?

A: AKUPANELS come in a variety of sizes ranging from 600x2400mm, 560x2400mm, 600x2700mm, 600x3000mm and so on. OEM size also ok.

Q: How are AKUPANELS installed?

A: AKUPANELS can be easily installed using standard construction screws or mechanical fasteners.

Q: Are AKUPANELS eco-friendly?

A: Yes, AKUPANELS are made of eco-friendly materials and are fully recyclable.

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